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What to Consider When Purchasing White Office Furniture for Your Business

What to Consider When Purchasing White Office Furniture for Your Business

By Sam Knijff
- 6 minutes read

When designing an office layout, furniture is one of the most important aspects. Office furniture sets the scene of your office and the tone for your business. It creates the atmosphere for the working environment of your employees, as well as first impressions for any potential clients visiting the office for the first time. Research has found white desks are the most popular choice for offices for several reasons, they are highly versatile for a start. There are several factors you should consider when choosing the right office furniture and office chairs for your needs.

The right furniture size to suit your office space

Most office spaces are limited, so it’s important to choose the right size of furniture to optimize your office space, both in terms of functionality and physical space. You must check that the desk that you are choosing is the right size for where you want to place it, if it’s going into a corner make sure it fits before you make your purchase. White desks help to make office spaces look bigger and maximise the use of your space. You don’t want to clutter the work area and you want to keep walkways clear so that your employees have freedom of movement without bumping into things. Office desks and chairs also needs to be the right height and width for your employees, many modern offices go for standing desks which can be adjusted to be used seating as well. This range of movement gives employees choice which is a benefit. Lightweight office desks and office furniture are also beneficial as they can be moved around easily which is good for office layout changes and upgrades in the future.

The comfort of your employees

For your employees to work productively, they need to be comfortable, so this the most important factor you should consider when buying office furniture. Choose comfortable office chairs which provide lumbar support to reduce back pain, neck ache and eye strain. Desks which allow a wide range of movement are good for multitasking such as working on the computer and by hand, as well as making it easier for employees to stretch their legs and get up for a short walk to encourage blood flow. Monitors on adjustable arms also help to align the monitor screen to the correct height, which can again help with neck ache and eye strain. The colour of your furniture is just as important. White desks and office furniture have been known to be soothing, as well as stimulating so are highly recommended for offices.  With good lighting, white is reflective of natural light which is healthier than artificial light and can energize the room stimulating minds.

Your overall budget

Budget is a huge factor when purchasing furniture, it is important to look within your price range for office furniture you can afford without compromising the comfort of your employees. If you have a limited amount to spend, focus it on the office chairs for comfort, white desks can be affordable and, in many designs to choose from. If you have a tight budget white furniture can keep things simple but give you a stylish minimalistic look at the same time. White also matched with everything and can have bursts of colour added to it to switch up the mood.

At the same time, you want to find high quality furniture that is good value for money but is durable and will last a long time, so that money is not wasted on having to replace it quickly.


Choose office furniture that you can keep clean. White desks make ideal office furniture and dirt can easily be seen on it and removed which will encourage cleanliness as it will be more transparent which will encourage employees to help keep their workspaces clean, especially when hot desking and sharing the office space with others. The colour white is associated with, ‘purity’ and also gives a natural ‘clean’ feeling, promoting good health and happiness which means higher productivity.


Furniture has to be functional, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also look pleasing to the eye. A pleasant work environment makes all the different to how employees feel and their moods, which in turn effects how productive they are. Keeping a clean white modern looking office can be inspiring for employees and is not distracting from ideas or collaborations. White is a neutral colour which will not be offensive to most employees. It looks naturally sophisticated which our minds associate with purity and honestly, all traits any business would want to be linked to.

Keeping your office furniture in a consistent colour makes your office look orderly and clean. Using different colour furniture may give the misconception of favouritism within your workforce, this can be avoided by using one uniform colour such as white desks. Work areas can be sections using pops of colour instead but using all white desks can add a sense of uniformity and community amongst your workforces.

Brand Identity

The way your office looks reflects your brand identity, it says a lot about you as a business owner and you will be judged on how you conduct your business by it. When choosing furniture, you should think abut your brand identity, do you want to incorporate your brand colours? If they are bold or overpowering, they can always be used with white furniture to balance them out. Office colours can reflect the mood of your brand and the message you are trying to convey.

These are just some of the factors you should consider when buying furniture for your office needs, size, cost, comfort, and brand identity. Whatever your office furniture needs are, A1 office furniture has a wide range of high quality, affordable office furniture, office chairs and desks of all colours including a wide range of white desks. Have a look at our selection of white office furniture for all your professional office needs.

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