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Asymmetrical modern office furniture for a trendy workspace.

By Sam Knijff
- 5 minutes read

Symmetry has always been considered the core of interior design, especially when we talk about a workspace that has to be comfortable and functional above everything else.

However, modern designers claim that asymmetry might be the key to getting the most out of your available workspace. For example, white curved desks became one of the trendiest pieces of modern office furniture and an example of how asymmetric designs are not only eye-catching and fresh but also highly functional and even save businesses optimise their budgets.

In this article, we shall talk about how a white curved desk can change the way you see a perfect workplace and modernise your whole workflow.


Modern design and aesthetics of asymmetrical furniture.

Most people don't even realise how much the office interior affects their mood and ability to work.

Several years ago, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a study focused on how different shapes, colours, textures, and even odours affect people's productivity and overall mood in the office.

Apparently, people placed in the traditional perfectly symmetrical interiors with the rectangular desks and "nonspottable" brown colour palette claimed they felt particularly anxious and stressed during the workday. The very same people who received similar work tasks but spent their day in a bright office equipped with modern office furniture felt and behaved entirely differently.

The studies involved different interiors. The research team added and removed certain elements to understand which factors influence the atmosphere most.

Most people said that they particularly pay attention to the shape, size and colour of the work desk. And white curved desks became everyone's favourite.

It is pretty explainable. A curved desk gives you more freedom. You can easily reach all the storage units, drawers and shelves.

The actual workspace takes much less space in the office with a curved office desk. But at the same time, the desk surface appears much bigger and allows you to arrange all the necessary tools and documents, keeping them under your hand at all times.

Psychologists also point out that a curved office desk has fewer sharp corners, which is essential for creating a comfortable atmosphere. Apparently, even the fact that we see a sharp corner instantly sends a signal to our brain that puts us into a defensive mood, making us more aggressive and anxious.

Asymmetrical furniture for the company's budget.

Except for affecting the atmosphere in the office, asymmetrical furniture and mainly white curved desks help businesses save a great deal of money.

First of all, a curved desk helps get the most out of the available space and rationalise it. It means that even a small office may be enough for working comfortably, storing all the necessary documents and tools or even placing several employees in one space in a way that they will not interfere with each other.

If we are talking about a white curved desk, it even helps to increase the space visually due to the ability of white colour to reflect light. Even a small office becomes airy and spacious one you choose a white curved desk.

For the very same reason, white office furniture will help you save energy and reduce your electricity bill. White curved desks help you get the most out of the daylight.

Last but not least, white office desks are very easy to keep clean. You will probably notice and remove any stain or mark before it gets into the texture and requires some expensive cleaning services.

Comfort and safety of asymmetric office furniture.

Practice shows that asymmetric office furniture pieces, especially curved office desks, are safer and more comfortable.

They have fewer sharp angles that often cause trauma and property damage at the workplace.

A curved office desk allows you to sit comfortably in front of a computer monitor and provide additional support for the wrist and elbow, preventing strain and spine curvatures – the notorious syndromes of office employees.

It helps employees feel more comfortable at the workplace and dramatically reduces the number of sick leaves and lawsuits against employers. Needless to say, that it helps to create a healthy and well-balanced atmosphere in the office, which is essential for productivity and motivation.

Modern office furniture goes beyond its basic functionality and becomes an efficient tool for creating the necessary atmosphere at the workplace, encouraging employees, and helping them unleash their potential.

A white curved desk is a perfect example of how modern asymmetric office furniture can entirely change the style and mood in the office, becoming a valuable asset for any business.

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