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4 ways colour of office furniture can influence your work

By Sam Knijff
- 5 minutes read

Looking at interior design trends every year, you definitely notice that colour plays an important part in them. Several years ago, designers hailed bright and bold colours, making every trendy office look like an art installation. Then pastels became mainstream.

Today we are much more aware of the actual effect that colour has on our mood. Numerous studies show that certain shades can help us focus, release stress, or vice versa, provoke strong emotions and encourage be more aggressive.

Colour plays a vital role in the design of modern office furniture. In this article, we shall discuss how the colour palette of your office can influence the way you feel at work and even help you achieve your professional goals faster.

The language of colour

You can compare colour design to a language, a means of non-verbal communication that expresses a particular idea or sets the mood in the room.

However, this language is not international. Our perception of colour greatly depends on our cultural background. For example, while black is mainly associated with grief or self-restraint in the Western world, many Eastern cultures see it as a festive string colour. The same is true for purple, which is a colour of grief in some cultures, while it is associated with femineity and joy for many people.

However, there are certain colours that “sound the same in all languages”. White is one of them. Although white clothes are an integral attribute of funeral in many Eastern cultures, which may seem pretty strange for Western people, this colour is associated with purity order worldwide.

That is why white furniture and accessories and mainly white office furniture are such a popular trend in interior design today.

Using white office furniture

White office furniture appears more and more often in magazines and popular social media profiles dedicated to commercial interior design.

There are several reasons for that. Some of those reasons are purely aesthetic, some are psychological, while others are entirely practical and determined by modern trends in social life and economy. Let`s go over them and see how white office furniture can influence your work.

White office furniture is an evergreen trend.

First of all, white office furniture is really trendy. Hardly can you find a design magazine or catalogue or imagine an office of one of the world-leading companies without a white office setup or at least several essential items.

However, practice shows that white office furniture is an extremely versatile trend. In other words, it is a great solution for those companies that want to stay trendy in their office interior design but are not ready to spend their budget changing the whole setup every year.

White furniture easily combines with any colour palette and fits into any interior. From the futuristic hi-tech office of an IT business to a cosy rustic design for a wedding planning business, white office furniture fits any concept.

White office furniture helps you be more productive at work

White colour is a very powerful tool in modern Color Therapy. Associated with cleanness and a fresh start, white colour helps us concentrate and stay focused. At the same time, white background helps to easily notice important elements and concentrate on them without getting destructed.

White office furniture creates a positive atmosphere in the office that allows all employees to be more efficient and involved in the process. It makes the space bright and airy and helps people feel more comfortable and safer in a clean and fresh-looking office.

Moreover, it encourages employees to keep their workplaces sanitary clean and tidy. It has a long-term effect helping people create a healthy work environment and take fewer sick leaves being most efficient at their job.

White furniture makes your office eco-friendly.

Getting white office furniture can also help your business save energy and, therefore, less impact the environment. White colour has the ability to reflect light and make the whole room look and feel brighter and more spacious.

We turn on the light most of the time not because we don`t see well but because a dark room seems stuffy, uncomfortable, and unsafe. White office setup will encourage employees to save electricity and get the most out of natural lighting.

Studies show that the quality and nature of lighting are closely related to workers` well-being and efficiency at the workplace. Apparently, electric lights of any kind can cause eye strain, fatigue and migraines regardless of the tone and quality of lamps that you use in the office. 

White office furniture allows you to benefit most from the natural lighting, preserve the environment and health of each member of the team.

Take a look at some of our white office furniture:

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