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How to choose the perfect desk for your business. A comprehensive guide to modern office furniture.

By Sam Knijff
- 6 minutes read


Many people ask, what kind of office desk is better? Should I get a classic straight rectangular office desk, or is there a point to explore modern alternatives like the curved desks?

The answer may not be as simple as many people think. In fact, office furniture that works perfectly for one business, home office or a workspace may appear entirely inappropriate for another.

There are several essential criteria you should consider choosing office furniture:

  • The available workspace;
  • The number of people working in the same space and whether they have to communicate with each other;
  • Whether you are planning to receive customers or other visitors at the office, etc.

In this article, we shall talk about different modifications of modern office desks, including the trendy curved desks. Let's take a look at their undeniable merits and things you may want to consider choosing your new office desk.

The evolution of office furniture

Naturally, office furniture has changed greatly in the past few decades. Like with any other interior design elements, the changes were mostly influenced by fashion trends and the aesthetics of the time.

However, when it comes to office furniture, changes in the design are often a result of the evolution of the market and business community or even technical progress.

For example, the ergonomically curved desks became the ultimate solution during the era of CRT Monitors. These TV-looking devices took half of the workspace of a standard rectangular. However, although the modern flatscreen LCD monitors and notebooks eliminated the issue of space, curved desks are still as relevant in a modern office due to various other benefits:

  • They can be adjusted precisely for left or right-handed people;
  • They allow you to use the whole available workspace most efficiently;
  • They allow to add or adjust storage units, drawers.

Those are only some of the benefits that still make curved desks one of the trendiest modern office furnishing solutions. 

However, the standard rectangular office desks will always remain an evergreen classic. They are a versatile solution that can fit the needs of any office or workspace. You can easily arrange straight desks and turn your office into a conference room or spread them along the room's perimeter, creating open space in the middle. 

In other words, curved desks are extremely efficient when it comes to saving space and adding storage solutions. However, classic rectangular office desks are still most versatile and straightforward, which makes them a safe bet for numerous offices today.

Let's go over some additional criteria, which may influence your decision and help you choose the best office furniture for your company.

Aesthetics and design

As we have already mentioned, office furniture design has always been influenced by general fashion and interior trends. You can definitely tell the difference between an office back in the 70s of the 90s and today's workspace.

Modern businesses mainly focus on:

  • Comfort and safety of employees;
  • Cost-efficient solutions;
  • Eco-friendly trends and designs allow to save energy and space and position a company as environmentally aware and green.

Modern office desks are the core of office furnishing that can help your business meet all these criteria and follow the latest trends in office interior design.

Curved office desks are undoubtfully the most ergonomic solution. Made precisely for left or right-handed people, they allow creating a safe and comfortable workspace. Moreover, curved desks let you avoid notorious issues such as leaning forward towards the monitor or lack of support for the wrist while working at your computer.

At the same time, rectangular desks are ideal for those who work with blueprints, patterns, collages, or other things that may require a lot of layout space. With some additional storage solutions such as mobile pedestals, classic office desks can be transformed from a workspace into a display or moved in the middle of the room, turning into an ideal place for team meetings and brainstorming.

Company's policy

Every business today is an independent living organism. It can have habits, principles, and creed that largely determine how work is organised.

Some offices are strictly minimalistic and require their employees to keep their desks clear as much as possible. In this case, you may want to address office desks that have additional storage solutions, drawers or pedestals that can be tucked under the desk and remain invisible.

If the company positions itself as a green and eco-friendly business, it is a great idea to get white office furniture and classic rectangular desks. White colour reflects daylight, helping the office save energy. Classic rectangular desks with no additional planks or bars in their design allow free air and light to pass freely, creating an airy and bright atmosphere in the office.


A perfect modern office desk does not strictly have to be curved or straight. It does not have to be bright or dark or made out of a certain material. Your ideal office furniture meets the demands and policies of your company, fits the budget and allows you to arrange a comfortable and safe workplace for each employee.

Set up your priorities, consider the crucial criteria, and our large inventory guarantees that you will easily find the perfect office desk for your business. 

If you are still unsure on how to choose the best desk, give us a ring for free on 0800 6525 700 or read our Comprehensive Guide to Office Furniture

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