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5 Fun Facts about Office Furniture

By Sam Knijff
- 6 minutes read

Office furniture is what turns any space into a comfortable work area where ideas thrive and people reveal their best professional qualities helping your company achieve its goals and leave competitors far behind.

A suitable office desk or a good office chair can help you be more productive and efficient at work. A quality office setup will make a great impression on your clients, prosperous investors or business partners, encouraging fruitful and long-lasting professional relationships.

Here are 5 stunning facts about office furniture that may make you take a fresh look at the place where you and your colleagues may spend 1/3 of your lives.

1 – Ergonomic office furniture makes you more productive

Ergonomic office furniture such as office chairs with advanced adjustment features or curved desks is more than just fancy pieces. Statistically, companies that install curved desks or purchase ergonomic office chairs for their work spaces are at least 17% more productive and successful than their competitors.

There are 2 main reasons for these stunning results:

  • Psychological – employees that feel that the company takes care of their comfort and invests into better office furniture are more motivated and therefore more efficient at work;
  • Physiological – ergonomic office furniture such as curved desks prevent back pains and muscle strain leading to fewer sick leaves in the office.

Ergonomic office setup comprising of a highly adjustable mesh chair and a height adjustable desk

2 – Office furniture appeared when people started to care about comfort

For centuries furniture was either entirely practical or fully decorative. Nobody cared whether you were comfortable sitting behind the desk as long as you had a desk at all or the desk fitted the room`s design.

However, around the 1800s, business owners realised that employees who feel comfortable at their workplaces often voluntarily stay overtime and hardly ever complain about their salaries and poor conditions.

At that point, furniture makers went to another extreme and started to put comfort way above the aesthetics of office furniture. It was not until the beginning of the XX century that people realised that a place where you spend a third of your life could be comfortable and aesthetic. However, it wasn`t until the 1950s that office furniture gained its distinctive features, materials, and designs, making it an entirely different interior product.

3 – Dull office furniture makes employees feel lazy and depressed

Another stunning fact about office furniture is that its aesthetics significantly influences how employees feel about their workplace or even their whole career.

Statistically, people who work in “standards” offices with dark furniture and no distinctive design solutions tend to feel depressed and even question their career choices. Many say that the interior of their office “suppresses” them, makes them feel intimidated. Therefore, they don`t see any purpose in being enthusiastic and initiative at work.

Modern office furniture solutions such as white office furniture are a great way to make a workplace look fresh, airy and inspiring. Just getting a white office desk can change the whole atmosphere in your office, help you take a new look at your work, inspire and boost your productivity. 

high quality office furniture

4 – Colour therapy is most efficient in offices

Colour therapy (or chromotherapy) is a concept based on the idea that specific colours can stimulate or vice versa suppress certain emotions and mental states. This concept is widely used in psychotherapy, education and even modern marketing.

However, recent studies show that colour therapy appears most efficient and indicative in the office environment. Specific colours may distract and provoke stress while others soothe and encourage communication.

Office furniture is an integral part of modern office colour design. For example, white office furniture makes your workplace look bright and fresh and helps to be more efficient and productive since white helps us concentrate and stay focused.

 interesting meeting room furniture in a London office

5 – Investing in quality modern office furniture helps you save money

While some may try to stay in the budget buying basic, least expensive furniture, practices show that businesses that invest in their office setup appear to be more budget efficient.

The principle is pretty simple:

  • By buying high-quality office furniture, you invest in pieces that will last longer. Eventually, you won`t have to change or replace most of your office furniture for a long time or even manage to sell your office furniture in the future as it will still be in a marketable condition after several years of use:
  • Comfortable, safe, ergonomic office furniture prevents trauma at a workplace and chronic conditions such as back pains, eye or muscle strain. In other words, having quality office furniture, you will spend lose less money due to workplace accidents or sick leaves in your company.

Office furniture is an essential asset for any business. Once you decide to invest in your office setup and get it from a credible seller, your effort will pay back soon enough with success for your company. 

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