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How to get the most out of white desks with drawers.

How to get the most out of white desks with drawers.

By Sam Knijff
- 6 minutes read

Getting a white desk with drawers for your office is the first step towards a modern functional and perfectly organised workplace.

Indeed, white desks with drawers have several undeniable benefits:

  • White colour encourages you to keep your workplace clean and neat;
  • Due to the white colour, your desk with drawers does not look massive and heavy no matter how big it is;
  • White colour reflects light and visually increases the space, making your office airy and bright.

Walnut desk with drawers on white catilever legs

But let`s face the truth, white desks with drawers won`t magically turn a messy office into a neat and well-organised workplace. Without a thoughtful approach, those beautiful modern pieces of furniture will get cluttered and buried under a pile of papers and stationery in no time.

In this article, we shall talk about ways to organise your desk with drawers and develop healthy habits that will allow you to get the most out of your new office furniture and enjoy a comfortable and safe workplace.

Measure the drawers.

Take everything off the desk and from the drawers and then measure them carefully. Then draw a simple scheme of your desk with drawers with all the measurements. 

You may be surprised how people don`t actually know the size of drawers in their office desks and therefore use them irrationally.

Take time to actually measure all the available storage space, and you will have a new perspective of what and how you may arrange in your office desk with drawers.

white office desk drawer London

Set the priorities.

Whether you work in the office alone or share the workplace with colleagues finding a particular pen, stapler, or another piece of stationery and equipment can become pretty challenging.

It always seems like pens and scissors are everywhere while, in fact, they are nowhere to be found when you need them. And vice versa, sometimes you keep certain equipment in your desk and never use it, while your colleague may be looking for it desperately all over the place right now.

It is time to set priorities and draw a stationer road map. Sort all the items you need for work and see which you use all the time and which can go to the back of the drawer.

If you have a white desk with drawers, it will be very easy to place bright stickers that will mark where everything is and make your life much easier.

Divide and conquer

Even the best white desk with drawers does not guarantee you that the small stationery items, papers and other things won`t get mixed and lost on the desk surface or inside the drawers. 

To avoid it, it is best to get small transparent containers for rubber bands, paper clips, batteries and other small items that tend to disappear when we most need them.

Such neat containers look great on white desks with drawers of fit inside lockers and crates, making your workplace look even neater and organised.

white office furniture comprising of white office desk with drawers

Time to ditch the dead weight!

Let`s be fair, half of those pens don`t work anymore, and you may even have no idea how this screw or charger got on your work desk.

Take your time to go over each drawer, empty it and test all papers, chargers, batteries and other objects you may find there. Whatever does not work has to go. Whatever seems to be in good condition but does not belong to you and your workplace may belong to your colleague or a visitor that came last week.

It is a good idea to arrange a lost-and-found box in this case and clear your desk and drawers from the dead weight.

white office desk drawer London

Organising with style.

Today there are lots of solutions and office accessories that can help you organise the workplace and make it stylish at the same time.

There are solutions for any taste and occasion, from the traditional corkboard for notes to stylish desktop organisers, file folders, and containers. 

And if you have white desks with drawers in your office, it will be very easy to create a neat, well-organised and stylish workspace. White colour fits any colour pattern or style perfectly. It looks great in modern, edgy designs as well as classic interiors, always looking fresh and modern.

White office desk drawer London

Modern office furniture offers endless solutions to help you organise your workplace with style. However, there are some good old principles that everyone has to observe to arrange their desk and drawers properly and keep them neat.

Make regular revisions of all the documents and stationery, keep an eye on the most important and frequently used items and get rid of excesses and broken things without remorse.

That way, you will manage to get the most out of your new white desk with drawers and enjoy all the benefits of the trendiest piece of modern office furniture.

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