modern office lockers

Best Office Furniture for Small Spaces

By Sam Knijff
Small offices can create the problem with the office desks and equipment that needed. The best furniture for small spaces would be white office fur...
modern height adjsutable bench desks with red modesty panels

Modern Workstations: Modular Office Furniture

By Sam Knijff
There are 3 main workstations modern offices use: Height adjustable desks Standing desks Bench desks Modern offices usually have one of the 3 abo...
ergonomic operator office chair with white frame and black fabric upholstery

Benefits of an Ergonomic High Back Chair

By Sam Knijff
When considering new office chairs or meeting chairs, you need to look into the benefits it will give the user. An ergonomic chair has many benefit...
Large blue question mark with four office chairs on white background

How do you choose the right office chair for you and your team?

By Sam Knijff
It is important to choose the right office chairs as having the wrong type can create health problems with the spine. Also combine the right office...
man relaxing in sunshine by office window on an office chair near office desk

Posture at office work

By Sam Knijff
As we've transitioned into an era where remote work and digital domains take center stage, a significant number of professionals now find themselve...
3d rendering of bar graph depicting growth in productivity in London

What are the benefits to productivity from a modern working environment?

By Sam Knijff
Instead of a cramp and cluttered office, a modern working environment with modern office furniture can boost productivity within the workforce. You...
open plan office with bench desks and operator office chairs

Buying New Office Furniture That Is Designed To Last.

By Sam Knijff
Investing in office furniture is no small feat. It's not just about aesthetics; it's also about longevity, functionality, and employee well-being. ...
schematic of ergonomic postion white sitting at the office desk on an office chair.

Reviewing DSE for your staff can result in new chairs

By Sam Knijff
An important requirement for any company is reviewing DSE assessment. As a result of this, business may need to change furniture to comply especial...
man on an office chair by an office desk

How buying an executive office furniture suite can be an affordable alternative when refitting your office?

By Sam Knijff
There are great executive office furniture ranges that could be a great affordable alternative than normal office furniture, giving a professional ...