moder office furniture is a spacious office

Why better design may not just be about space?

By Sam Kjniff
When designing your office layout it’s important to have the right furniture for your needs as well as the maximising space. But having a well desi...
modern mobile pedestals

Get Your Desk Organised with Mobile Filing Cabinets

By Sam Kjniff
Having a well organised desks in your office with help your team work more effectively. This can be achieved by having a bench desk with pedestal f...
modern office furniture

Aligning Your Office Furniture with Your Brand

By Sam Kjniff
The best way to cooperate your office with your brand is by having white office furniture and office storage. Company brands are of all different c...
modern black reception sofa

Balancing Style & Practicality in The Workplace

By Sam Kjniff
Getting the right balance of style and practicality with white bench desks can help maximise the productivity within your business. Great first imp...
modern office furniture including operator chairs and height adjustable desks

Modern Office to Meet Employees Satisfaction

By Sam Kjniff
Having an on trend office will not only give a great impression to your customers but it will also help productivity and motivation within your emp...
four white bookcases of different sizes

Arranging Office Furniture in a Small Office

By Sam Kjniff
Having a small office can cause problems with arrangements of office desks and equipment. To maximise your office space bench desks with white pede...
open plan office with bench desks and operator office chairs

Buying New Office Furniture That Is Designed To Last.

By Sam Knijff
It is important for a business to have furniture that will provide the needs for the company as well as being built to last. Owners and directors n...
modern office interior with predominantly white office furniture

How businesses are using white as a primary colour for all office furniture and the benefits to this.

By Sam Knijff
It is important for businesses to present themselves with a professional image. White office furniture does just that, giving the office clear and ...