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What is the best time to buy office furniture?

By Sam Knijff
- 5 minutes read

Buying new office furniture requires a lot of thinking and planning. After all, you are building a workplace setup that is supposed to motivate and inspire people, encourage them to be most productive and move the business forward.

You must have thought through the concept and colour palette and made a list of essential office furniture items you need to buy. You have probably decided whether you are going shopping for office furniture online or offline and which sellers in your area are most reputable and offer the best deals.

But did you know that the season when you buy your office furniture will, in many ways, determine the price and your overall experience from the purchase? Just like with clothes, electric appliances and many other things, there are high and low seasons in the offline and online office furniture markets, the best moments to close the deals and periods when you`d prefer to browse rather than spend your money.

In this article, we shall analyse the best time to buy office furniture and how to get the most out of the deal.

Should I buy office furniture in the winter or in the summer?

Dealers tend to update their office furniture collections twice a year. It means that around February and August, they will need to clear some floor space and storage to introduce new items.

Those might be equally good months to buy office furniture, especially if you are planning a bulk order. In this case, you get a chance to receive significant discounts and even freebies as the storage space is precious, and some sellers will want to get rid of the old inventory at practically any cost just to have an opportunity to introduce the new collection before their competitors.

If you just need to buy one office desk with drawers or a small white desk, February and August may also be pretty good months as dealers tend to offer huge discounts for floor models and other items in the store.

Buying office furniture in the Autumn

Autumn may be the best and the worst time to buy new office furniture. On the one hand, you get a chance to purchase the newest models and equip your workplace with the most modern design solutions as these are the month when a new inventory arrives.

But at the same time, Autumn is usually the period of the highest prices for all those office desks with drawers and ergonomic chairs. The best option is to consider online office furniture shopping as, in this case, you will manage to monitor and compare prices easily and choose the best option for you.

Should I buy office furniture in Summer?

Summer is also a great time to buy office furniture due to the “Back to School” sales. Many dealers offer the best discounts during this period, especially in August.

You should also remember that in September and October, the office furniture stores are about to receive their new inventory, and therefore they are trying to get rid of floor models and other inventory as soon as possible. 

Summer might actually be the best time to shop for your office desk with drawers and ergonomic office chairs as it allows you to kill two birds with one stone: benefit from back-to-school sales and the inventory clearance rush.

Who buys office furniture in Spring?

 And what about Spring, you may ask. In fact, Spring is a good time to buy office furniture due to the tax season. Many dealers keep track of tax return periods and tend to offer the best deals during those months. It is still not a very common practice, but it is worth trying, especially if you urgently need a new office desk or chair. 

Browse online or drop by your nearby office furniture store. You may be surprised by the unexpected deals during Spring. 

Offices also usually tend to renew their workplace setups during summer and therefore start researching new options and models in Spring. It signals the furniture dealers, encouraging them to make special offers and introduce new deals during this period.

There is much more to buying office furniture than just choosing the right time. Read our guide on office furniture to become an informed buyer.

Whether you are planning to renew the whole office setup or only look for one small white desk, monitor the market carefully before purchasing. Feel free to contact sellers asking about the deals and options and try to plan ahead to have enough space for maneuvering and enjoy the perks and benefits of every sales season.

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