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How office furniture can help you stay cool at work without AC.

We have been waiting for hot summer days all winter only to realise what torture it is to be stuck in a dusty office when temperatures rise to 30C. A good air conditioning system can, of course, solve the problem, but this solution has many pitfalls as well. 

Air Conditioners are named among the main threats to the climate; therefore, using them all day long may not be the most sustainable move for your business, especially if you want to adopt an image of a modern eco-friendly company. Once poorly maintained, air conditioning systems become an incubator and main transportation system for numerous viruses, pathogens and mould. Last but not least are the enormous electricity bills you will have to deal with at the end of the month. After all, you may simply not have an air conditioner in your office!

At the same time, working in a hot office may be not only extremely annoying but also dangerous for your health. But did you know that an air conditioner or a fan are not the only ways to cool down a room? In this article, we shall talk about things you may want to change in your office setup to avoid overheating.

Protect from direct sunlight

When Sun rays go through window glass, they create an ultimate greenhouse effect in your office, making the temperatures in the room rise even higher than outdoors. 

If the windows of your office overlook the sunny side, it is best to keep your curtains or blinds drawn most of the day to block the direct light. 

Some may say that in this case the office will be very dark and you will still have to burn electricity all day long to get enough light. White office furniture is a perfect solution in this case. It reflects the light and makes the room seem much brighter at all times. Working behind a white desk with drawers, you will have enough light even when you have to cover up the windows.

Of course, make sure to open the shades and curtains and use the most out of daylight as soon as the sun moves.

Use reflecting colours and materials.

We all know that black clothes are not the best choice in hot weather. Dark colours tend to "absorb" heat. You definitely know the difference if you ever had to sit into a black car that was standing under direct sunlight all day long.

That is why you should avoid dark colours in your office if you want to avoid overheating. White, pastel colours or natural wood tones tend to reflect direct light and don't concentrate heat on the surface. Your small white desk will make sure that you will remain comfortable at the workplace even when the temperatures rise dramatically. This is just one of many benefits of white office furniture.

The same is true about surface texture and materials. While dense materials such as metal or stone will warm up instantly, wood and matte surfaces will stay cool longer.

Don't forget to air the room.

Regular ventilation is extremely important in the office, even if you use the air conditioner. When air is constantly circulating in the same room, it does not only warm-up waster with the heat of our breath and bodies, but such an atmosphere is most fruitful for the development and transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Make sure to ventilate your office regularly throughout the day. If it is possible, leave the windows open during the night to let the fresh evening breeze cool down the room and clear the air in the office.

To make sure that the air breeze won't make papers fly all over the office, pay attention to organisation and storage units that will help you find a safe and secure place for each document. There are lots of convenient cupboards and under-desk storage stands that will keep the workplace neat and clear while you have all the necessary papers at hand.

Turn off or secure heat-generating objects.

You may be surprised how many objects and devices generate heat inside your office, making the situation even worse. Proper organisation and office furniture may help you reduce their impact.

By getting white office furniture, you will not have to use artificial lighting so much as white colour reflects natural light making your office naturally bright and comfortable without any additional light fixtures. This way, you don't only take control over the temperature in the office but also reduce your electricity bill.

Your computer, monitor and other electric devices are other artificial sources of heat in the office. Make sure to get office desks with drawers and niches that would prevent them from overheating and direct their heat radiation away from you. It is also a good idea to place such devices and your desk next to a window or doorway to get some cooling air circulation.

With a proper office setup and some adjustments to your everyday routine, you may easily take control of the temperatures in the office and prevent overheating. Choose modern white furniture, organise the space to have more airflow and make sure that your computer and other electronic devices don't radiate heat directly at you – those simple tips will make the air in your office comfortable, clean and healthy even if the sun is particularly active today.

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